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February 18, 2008



Outsourcing has its own pitfalls. That is why it is necessary that the right outsourced provider is chosen. Right choices come from right decisions. Just as outsourcing is also a risk, outsourcing companies, especially airline industries can only be very careful enough.

This is particularly important because any aircraft company cannot simply compromise the lives of their passengers. They are liable to the lives of their patrons.


Outsourcing A/C Maintenance is certainly a growing trend, but to what end? I'll agree there are some very good operations overseas that can out perform many of the operations in the U.S. & at a lower cost, but there is more to this issue then immediate results.

The A&P wages are lowering at the same time the majority of experienced A&Ps are retiring. If the airlines continue to outsource, making harder for FAA over-sight, and we continue to loose the experienced A&Ps in the U.S., we'll effectively be giving control of U.S. A/C maintenance programs to overseas operations & countries.

Why not instead have the aviation community (Boeing, airlines, MROs, FAA etc.) work together to ensure this work stays in the U.S. Boeing could offer certain U.S. MROs packaged deals on their new aircraft, airlines could offer better incentives to ex-military to stay in aviation, or even the government supporting MROs like they do in other countries.

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