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March 07, 2008


Steven Hutchison

This is what really gets me on this issue. The FAA got caught riding the wave on their positions and authority. Now that their reputation has been tarnished due to the fact that now they have every airline, cargo operators jumping through hoops checking AD's and having everyone show compliance. If the FAA reps were doing this all along checking AD's and checking AMOCS and repetive inspections to ensure they were being C/W on time instead of trying to be everybody's buddy, maybe they would not have been in this positon. I watched the presentations by the Senior FAA Safety Representitive and what a smooze job. They had the wrong people asking the FAA quesitons. I work at a MAJOR operator and the FAA is a joke when they walk in our building. Their request are such a joke it is funny. I wish someone with a little authority would call me and let's really get the heavy hitters from the FAA on a call. When you are in the FAA reps position and you are going into airlines and cargo operators to check compliance - here is the bottom line. YOU ARE NOT THERE TO BE THERE BUDDY. call me at 859-384-1544 and I would love to be asking the questions with my 33 years in aviaiton. Oh yeah - in the aviaiton industry you never, never, ever, ever, overfly a AD. And for the local FAA rep to buy off on that - he should have been fired on the spot. Call me

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