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March 25, 2008


Roger D.Simmons

Having an extensive background in advanced composites and aircraft composite training i am perticularly glad to see an increased awareness in the advanced composite arena. We have a difficult road to travel in educating the aerospace industry as to the proper techniques for advanced composite repairs. Most of my experiences over the past 30 years have led to the issue of the lack of resources for equipment and training for the maintainers in the various repair facilities. Most companies intially are shocked as to the cost of handling, storing and maintaining proper composite repair materials and tooling.Far too often short cuts are taken and the integrity of composite repairs are at risk. As we endeavor to educate and align ourselves in the aviation industry for the ever increasing demand's of qualified composite manufacturing and repair technicians we must keep our eye on the certification process so as to ensure that once a process or technique has been estableshed the qualified individuals using those processes are given the resources to perform them, in other words we can teach the people all about advanced composite's but we must emphasis what will occur if the process is not met or short cuts are taken.
As we find more and more aircraft flying over head with higher and higher percentages of composite materials within there structures we must be prepared to meet the needs of how we maintain them.

Best Regards,

Roger D. Simmons
GAC SAV Senior OJT Trainer

Brian Finnegan

Roger: Great thoughts and insight. If you have an interest in participating in our certification development effort, your input would be very valuable. Please contact me at [email protected].

Alex Stall

It always good to see more training for advanced composites industry. Is there a follow-up on this article? I missed the webinar but would enjoy seeing it regardless. Any future plans to host additional seminars over the web?

Brian Finnegan

Alex - there is a follow up. Last Monday, PAMA/SAE Institute, working throught the SAE International CACRC Standards committee, completed its Program Design for Technician Ceritfication in the repair of Composite and Metal Bonded Structures. While it is still a top level view, it does drill down to identify three levels of technician certifications.

The program design committee, feeling as you and Roger do, recognizes the importance of facilities management and of providing the resources necessary for certificed technicians to do their jobs right. It is also necessary to begin the certification process by establishing a strong knowledge base for identifying and taking the necessary precautions in the handling, strorage, and surface preparation of composite materials and their repairs.

We'll be publishing our Program Design shortly and then looking to identify the development resources necessary to bring the certifications to fruition. Those resources include Subject Matter Experts to ensure techincal accuracy, financial resources to build the exams, and the corporate priority to utilize/compel internal and sub-contractor employees to embract the credentials.

Brian Finnegan
Director, Professional Certification
PAMA/SAE Institute

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