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August 10, 2008


Neutral Party

This is how the media reports anyway, always making reference to Malaysia, for ALL Qantas aircraft incidents.

Does anyone know that the Qantas engineering teams are not in favour of such MRO work being done overseas at lower costs?

Simply because they feel threatened that their jobs will become redundant at home.

Whoever wants to claim that Qantas aircraft earlier did not have any engineering related problems during flight operations must be real ignorant.

Its just that previously as well as now, such operational glitches are detected but the difference is the current incidents seem to make their way to the media! Who could be sharing such information with the media? Your guess is as good as mine!

Have you seen the news reports where the engineers of Qantas want the management to speak to them now and review the outsourcing of the MRO works - after a few aircraft were found to have engineering defects (not just the one that was sent to Malaysia)?

So, whats the issue?
Who looked after the maintenance of the other aircraft that were found to have problems?

Why outsourcing is always blamed for work done in Australia?

Is someone using the media to shape up opinions for an unfair advantage?

Anyone cares to answer?

rafi kamis

It was not a fault of Malaysian Engineering team as those planes maintained in malaysia did not involved in those problems.

I guess Qantas needs to look to the maintanence records of their plane and who actually did for them that causes those problems.

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